[r-t] Grandsire/New Grandsire

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Mon Jul 18 12:22:00 UTC 2011

Eddie wrote:

> "Each hunt bell is either a principal hunt or a secondary hunt."
> As with all comps of New Grandsire of which I am aware, This touch
> retains the Treble (No. 1) as the primary hunt in both Grandsire & New
> Grandsire (ignoring that it brings rounds at handstroke,) the above
> touch has treble as Primary Hunt with no changes lost or gained in any
> lead block of either method.

I think you have misinterpreted the definition and purpose of principle and secondary hunts, Eddie. They are needed to give unambigous classification of a method when the hunts are different. In Grandsire, the hunts are identical, therefore both are principal hunts.


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