[r-t] Principles

Josy Shewell Brockway josy at lavabit.com
Mon Jul 4 23:16:05 UTC 2011

It is not possible to construct a method without a hunt bell in which all 
bells do the same work but the number of leads is different from the 
number of bells.

Because all the bells do the same work, each bell must find itself in 
every place at at least one lead-head. Therefore, the number of leads must 
be at least as great as the number of bells.

By the same token, if the number of leads is greater than the number of 
bells, each bell must repeat at least one place bell. Because by 
definition each lead comprises the same changes, if one place bell is 
repeated, every place bell is repeated, and because the bells are all 
doing the place bells in the same order the method must already have come 

I don't know why the Central Council definition is phrased in the way it 

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