[r-t] Definition of a call

Paul Bibilo peb at delcam.com
Thu Jun 9 10:02:38 UTC 2011

On 09/06/2011 10:55, Leigh Simpson wrote:
> If you didn’t insist that “changing primary hunt bells in Grandsire 
> triples = a ‘bob’ or whatever,” then how would you expect the
> ringers to know when they were supposed to effect the change?
The way we did it is at some point in a lead the number of a new treble
would be shouted out.  When that bell next got to lead it would become
the primary hunt bell and thirds would be made in the normal way.  It
just so happened that the conductor was nice and shouted out the new
hunt bell when it actually got to the front, so people had a cue when to
dodge. A normal bob could be effected by changing the hunt bell at
successive whole pulls, and this did happen at times in the peal, but
'bob' was never called, only the number of the new hunt bell.

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