[r-t] New major frameworks - Tom Perrins

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sun Jun 19 22:08:42 UTC 2011

Tom Perrins wrote:
> Depending on what you're defining as 'exact'
> 6 parts, this may not appear in exhaustive
> searches.

Fair point, I didn't look closely enough. It is a twin cycle six-part, not
'exact', so Tom's quite right to highlight it.

On a related point re "well-trodden" composing areas, I do think that
publishing TVs* of compositions that have an interesting property that the
original did not, is worth doing.  A subtle rearrangement of a composition
may yield some more interesting music, make it more handbell friendly, or
provide an unusual length to ring.    


*Trivial variations

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