[r-t] Single Darlaston Bob Triples

Alan Foster alan.c.foster at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 18:13:14 UTC 2011

      Would some one be kind enough to check my interpretation of a
quarter peal of Single Darlaston Bob Triples (pn lh 1).  The composition (J.T.Perry (Bell
News 17/131) rung recently at Kintbury) is:-

234567  2  3
625374  s
563274  s  -
362574  -  -
235674  s  -
536274  -  -
repeat 5 times.

To me this implies that at the first single the six should go into the
hunt, to replace the 2.  Using pn for a bob, and 567.1.5.1 for
a single I can reproduce on Abel the first part.  So have I come up
with the correct calls, or have I missed a simpler, and easier



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