[r-t] Exciting new compositional concept - the ultimate Bad Boy

Ian Fielding Ian.Fielding at nbt.nhs.uk
Wed Apr 4 12:21:14 UTC 2012

Congratulations to Alan who has produced what I think will be hailed as a compositional masterpiece. His compositional skills are immense.

5040 Newgate Surprise Maximus
Comp. A G Reading
M   6/B/7   W   H (43256)
      x     -   -  46352
s           -      52364
            -   -  36524
-               -  45623
-     x         -  65243
                -  26543
      x         -  26435
-     x     -   -  42635
-               -  56234
-     x            63254
s                 (43256)

Start and Finish at the treble's backstroke snap.
Contains 1 56's and 0 65's, None each 2345, 5432, 3456, 6543, 7654 at the back.

10 courses of absolutely no music!

This composition has been produced as a prototype for the brilliant and previously untapped "all duffers" concept.

It is far too easy to link the musical little bell courses together and it has been done to death in recent years with the market flooded with samey compositions employing similar linkage which minimise duffer courses and then followed with 5 paragraphs of prose waxing lyrical about how clever the composer has been joining them up. Whilst a good peal band will occasionally do these compositions justice, with a weaker band the musical effects can be disastrous and an unsatisfactory experience frequently results as run after run is wrecked. What is needed is a composition with NO music so that none can be ruined. Duffer bands require "duffer" courses - read on.......

Spectacularly efficient linkage is used to seamlessly join one duffer course to the next without including any leads of musical courses. A snap start and finish is used in order to avoid the distracting rollups contained in the plain course. The finish is particularly elegant avoiding having the 6th at home or any accidental little bell rollups in the last course - feature's which blight so many of the London group compositions. 6/B/7's are always useful in the composers quest to link up the bad and avoid the good - here they have the added bonus of cutting out the lead when the tenor is 2nd's place bell and the back bell music contained therein. The 7th course does unfortunately contain two 34562's (fortunately not a proper little bell rollup but dangerously close) however our old friend the 6/B/7 ensures that the 3rd makes the bob before it has the chance to get involved in any more rollups - neat or what?! Likewise the course end 26435 has the disturbing potential to produce 3 65 rollups but we carefully ensure that this isn't realised with a bob at middle returning us to safer waters. The crowning glory of this composition however is the daring use of in-course coursing orders throughout most of the peal - the tantalising promise of little bell rollups combined with the complete dissatisfaction of never getting any makes for a truly spine tingling performance! This new concept comes highly recommended.

Ian Fielding

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