[r-t] A plea for help

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Wed Apr 18 20:49:13 UTC 2012

Please, please, please can somebody generate a list of “double
helix”-style differential major methods for me?

By “double-helix” style, I mean symmetric 3-5 differentials which have a
56 change half-lead comprising all 8*7*6/3! = 56 possible combinations of
the three-cycle (ie |||.....  ||.|....  |.|.|... etc etc)

I’d really like a complete list of such candidate methods, but if
necessary to make the search more manageable I’m happy with the following

-	The 3-cycle being bells 1,2,3
-	The methods having conventional double symmetry
-	Methods being right-place
-	Limiting to changes without adjacent places (x, 14, 16, 18, 36, 38, 58)

The constraints are not necessarily cumulative, ie I’d like to see
separate lists of double and of right place methods.

Please can somebody help?  The fruits of the search will very likely
contribute to an exciting project that is likely to be rung

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