[r-t] Multi-extent 5-part Surprise Minor

John Warboys john.warboys at lineone.net
Wed Aug 29 17:28:47 UTC 2012

For the last 9 months I've been working on multi-extent 5-part Surprise
Minor compositions, and last night one of the resulting compositions was
rung at Birmingham Cathedral - all 41 regular methods all-the-work in 5760
changes, with a change of backwork and frontwork every lead.  It's been a
long haul from start to finish so I'm pleased that this project has now been


The maximum I've been able to get in 5040 changes is 39 methods, as far as I
can tell it's not possible to get all 41 in a normal peal length.
Nevertheless, 39 methods all-the-work in a normal peal length exceeds the
previous maximum by 3, and 41 all-the-work in 5760 changes beats the
previous minimum length for this by 2 extents.  Various different 5-part
peal compositions for 39 and 41 all-the-work, plus a variety of 1440s and
2160s, can now be found on my website:




You can also find there a (probably rather rambling) write-up of how I
approached this task and the issues which arose.  Whilst all my previous
compositions have included a plain lead of every method, this feature had to
be sacrificed in order to maximise the number of methods included, however
none of  the methods which you don't get plain leads of have both 2nds and
6ths place variants, so they remain uniquely defined.



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