[r-t] ringing-theory Digest, Vol 89, Issue 11

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Fri Feb 10 07:22:51 UTC 2012


Never in the field of human campanology has so much verbiage been generated
by just one word!

I do wish to pick up on something Eddie Martin said: "I suppose that if we
must define regular methods then they would have to have the working bells
be in the same coursing order through  lead-end lead-head AND be symmetric
about the path of the treble". I consider Bishopthorpe Bob Minor to be

Don said "However, I believe Robin did not explicitly state the second half
of criteria (a)." I thought I had when I said "A consequence of this is that
the lead-ends of plain bob are 'regular' also".

Best wishes

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