[r-t] Spliced winking

Roddy Horton roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 1 10:22:42 UTC 2012

PJE Said "I'm very keen on compositions involving elegantly-linked blocks of
different types of well-chosen structures / music.   I'm not a fan of
existing composition of eg Stedman and Bristol - the blocks often seem
thrown together, and the meld between different sections incongruous "

Try this:-
5073 Spliced Maximus and Cinques
(3180 Bristol Surprise, 1893 Stedman)

 Lucinda J C Reeve

 1234567890E   W					
 1235467890E   -                                        Bristol
 13579E24680 (24)                Stedman
 1342658790E (18)
 1E462937805     5.8.11s. (28)
(1E462937580)    1.					
 1E649728305   -                                        Bristol
 654321E0987     2.6s.7.9s.11.13s.16.20s.22s            Stedman
 1624E897530     3s.4.7s.8.10.13s. (24)
(1624E897053)    1.					
 164287E5930   -                                        Bristol
 324165879E0                 Stedman
 1624759380E     1s. (24)
(16247593E80)    1.					
 1642537890E   -                                        Bristol
 531246E9780              Stedman
 1E536947820     3s.
(1E536947280)    1s.					
 1E359768402   -                                        Bristol
 E0987654321     2s.                      Stedman
 1264830579E     7.10.12s.
(12648305E79)    1.					
 1246358709E   -                                        Bristol
 213546798E0     10s.                     Stedman

 6 near-misses, Queens, Double Whittingtons, Back Rounds (on 11 and 12!)
 The Bristol comprises Roddy Horton's six most musical courses.

 Change from Bristol to Stedman occurs at the treble snap after the call
Wrong, to the 3rd change of a Slow Six.
 Change from Stedman to Bristol occurs at the 2nd change of a Slow Six,
which becomes the Bristol lead-head.

 Note from Roddy
 It is not possible to ring exactly 11 leads of Bristol between the Stedman
as the Bristol must finish 
 with a call at Wrong, putting the tenor into 11ths! However, 2 changes
later the tenor is in 12ths 
 resulting in 530 changes of Bristol between the Stedman. 
 The courses of Bristol selected (in the order that they are rung) are as
 We attempted this with Lucy calling it and a local band at St Martin in the
Fields. Sadly 2 bells went over in 
 the last course but there was some stunning music.

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