[r-t] What is a 'regular' method

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Mon Feb 6 07:56:14 UTC 2012

Ian McCulloch wrote:

> I'm a bit confused now.  What is the correct terminology for the well-
> known 41 surprise minor methods?

They are known as 'regular' or 'from the book' [CC Collection of Minor
Methods from the appropriate era*]. My point is that if you use them as the
benchmark for establishing the criteria, you need all six that I identified,
and that causes problems for methods that people might think are regular on
other stages. For example Water Surprise Minor is 6ths place London. For it
to be irregular (excluded from the 41) you need to exclude four blows, but
this would also exclude Plain Bob on odd stages [not necessarily a bad

*My copy was published in 1969 and includes 5 Double Surprise Minor methods
with penultimate places apparently accepted by the Council in 1928.

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