[r-t] ringing-theory Digest, Vol 89, Issue 11

King, Peter R peter.king at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Feb 10 08:26:22 UTC 2012

>I'd agree. I would term it a regular asymmetric method. In my opinion the term "regular" is now most commonly >used to describe the fact that a method has "plain Bob" lead ends.

For what it is worth that is how Method Master describes it - a regular assymetric method. I would also agree that the symmetry and lead ends are separate issues. These are also not value judgements about methods but simply facts about their structure. Whether it is useful to define lots of different characteristics of methods is debateable but I would have thought that knowing what kind of symmetry a method has and what kind of lead end groups it belongs to are sufficiently useful to use specific terms for them.

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