[r-t] Treble place paths

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Jan 26 09:43:02 UTC 2012

Philip Earis wrote:

> When I saw him recently Ander Holroyd mooted another 
> attractive new elegant "pointy" path where the treble 
> rings 8 blows in each place. This is especially nice, as 
> it works on 6 bells and can be logically extended to any 
> even stage:
> 121123432123456543456656

It's a shame you can't simultaneously avoid 56 place 
notations and three blows in one place.  Consider when the 
treble makes point 4ths.  To avoid three blows in one place, 
the bell at the front must be doing a Stedman whole turn 
which has the front four bells crossing either side of the 
point.  To avoid falseness you need -56 or 56- place 
notation around the point.


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