[r-t] challenge: Brunel, Cabot, Birmingham Carter

Hayden Charles hcharles at grandsire.co.uk
Thu Jan 26 15:31:55 UTC 2012

edward martin wrote on 26/01/2012 12:37:
> On 26 January 2012 12:17, edward martin<edward.w.martin at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Cabot Cinques =   3.1.E.1.3.E.3.1.E.1.3.1  = Stedman Cinques but with
>> a full quick six instead of a full slow
> Please read that to be a split quick six instead of a full slow
> mew
Tony Cox has compositions for the three single cinques methods here:


caters for Brunel and Birmingham Carter here: 

He has rotated the place notations.

Hayden Charles

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