[r-t] 6-part Stedman Caters composition

Thomas Perrins thomas_perrins at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 29 10:24:16 UTC 2012

In light of a few recent comments about the 6 part Stedman Caters composition, I thought I might offer a bit more of a detailed explanation. It is perhaps more subtle than it looks.Although it is not a 'magnificent 6' type calling, I think it yields significantly more 'traditional 4' (Tittums/Inverted Tittums/Handstokes/Backstrokes) music than any previous calling. It is based on the simple calling (1, s12) x 2.  This touch yields all 4 'musical' sections described above in only 2 courses. This is opposed to traditional callings, with only one of such musical sections per course.
The 144 cru's in this composition are also misleading. The cru's are there primarily to allow the *tittums sections* to sound more pleasing, with the actual roll-up sections a secondary consideration to keep the old folk fans of cru's happy. For example, keeping 4-5-6 in 5-6 probably creates more pleasing tittums cascades than most other pairs. In saying this, you would still require 48 courses anyway to achieve 144 cru's, even without any tittums music.
Furthermore, to achieve what I have described, the choice in padding blocks require some thought. I have discovered several blocks which give the desired music, yet after considerable thought, the final blocks used appear to be the only group which can be joined without loss of music. These are:
123456, 321456312645, 213645231564, 132564 
and cyclic rotations of the font 4 bells. Amazingly, these cyclic rotation are very easily obtained through calls at s13 and 15 (with the the two adjacent singles replaced with bobs).
The turning course has also been considered such that a 6 part format can be used; it may be interesting to note that the alternate bobs at [6] affect 1-2-3 and not the more obvious 4-5-6 as used in compositions of Surprise.
Considering the above, I am *fairly* confident in saying that this is the only 6 part with the described music apart from trivial variations (dangerous words I know!) With multiple types of turning course it could well be possible on the same plan to get more music, such as Whittingtons or little-bell. As such, I am a little puzzled as to what more could be added to a composition based on the 'traditional 4' musical sections. Thoughts?
As a final note, this idea (using max cru's to complement the tittums) is only suited to Caters, and Stedman in particular as we can rotate between the 4 positions very easily.
Stedman Caters

231456789		1	12	13	15         

342156798		-  -  -  -
342156789		-  s
413256798		-  -  -  -
413256789		-  s
124356798		-  -  -  -
124356789		-  s
231456798		-  -  -  -
Part, calling [6] in alternate parts only.

144 cru's (half at each stroke) and tittums music around every course

Cheers,Thomas Perrins.
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> I much prefer Ander's Grandsire to the Stedman!
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