[r-t] Bobs only Stedman Triples

Stephen Beckingham bex280 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 26 07:07:54 UTC 2012

> Each six of Erin is capable of being rung in 3 versions, 123... 231....
> and 312... 
> The Q sets apply regardless of what order the front bells are in. 

Does it? If one member of a q set is bobbed and another plained, then the 3rd member cannot be obtained. but as we can start a six from any one of 3 places, surely the following can apply:
1234567 is bobbed, and 1234675 is plained. This means that 1234765 can not be had AT A SIX END, but surely 2314765 or 3124765 can be, thus making the q set rule redundant in this case.
> The peal of Erin requires 840 sixes. 
> That makes 280 Q-sets. Now have to decide which ones are plained and with
> ones are bobbed.  

If it were that straightforward I would have thought someone's computer would have already done it.
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