[r-t] Compositional challenge - 8 spliced major

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Sun Mar 11 15:47:03 UTC 2012

I find myself in the unexpected and rather ironic position of having to
call a peal of the so-called "standard" 8 surprise major methods next
Saturday. Long story.

I could just pick something like the badboy below, but instead I'd rather
use this or or something similar and simple as a base, and insert a whole
course of Superlative in the 8765432 coursing order. Perhaps insert choice
whole courses of Bristol etc also. I don't care at all about having
similar numbers of leads of each method.

Any ideas / suggestions?

5184 Spliced Surprise Major (8 methods)
Donald F Morrison (#3)
23456  B  M  W  H  Methods
52436        -     RS.L
42635     -        NYS.CL
23564  2        -  YN.LP.BBBRRP.
36245  -           CP.PC
24365        - [-] NSSY.R.
Repeat five times, omitting [-] from alternate parts.

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