[r-t] 8 spliced atw 7com

Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 29 13:26:58 UTC 2012

>Surely there are other starting points which, when counted via the 
>"conductor's method", would muddy your conclusions! 

Of course there are, but the composition often seems to be set out
in three parts from 53246, 63254 and 43265. For anyone wanting to avoid
the tricky finish, the latter is therefore the obvious place to 
start from, and since this point is in the middle of LL, it adds an
extra com. Or not, depending on your viewpoint (smiley).
>I guess it's unlikely anything else would be rung in practice 


>Anyway, to me, this adds to the argument. It's the same composition no 
>matter whether you have the split-tenors section first or last.

Yes, but that wasn't the point I was making - there are other considerations 
outside the strict definition of whether it is the same composition, such as
being more likely to fire it out in the last 20 minutes. Based on the above,
the 'conductor's method' is one way to spot the difference.


(ps. anyone up for a gallon followed by a peal of LBGF? Invariant under rotation
or not?)

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