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Not *QUITE* what you were talking about but I thought the below was well known? Example is 6 methods obviously and I leave it to anyone interested enough to work out the other methods that fit but I worked this through many years ago before you were even in short trousers. Each lead is uniquely defined despite not having a plain lead of each method (bit like spliced major!)

5040 Spliced S Minor (2 - 42 Methods ATW) 
Westminster            - 23564
Saundby                  45623
Ravenshead               64352
Mansfield Woodhouse      36245
Costock                  52436
Mission                - 64523

Repeat 34 times

Mansfield Woodhouse=&-56-14-12-36-12-36,+12

Paul N

Philip Earis wrote:-

So what’s next?  Well, I’d love to see people play around with this type
of construction further. All ideas very welcome.

And how about a bit of chopping up to get even more of a 23-spliced major
feel, changing method every lead to produce a perfect 5 part (15 part) on
the same sort of plan?  As a rather monkey proof-of-concept:

2880 Spliced TD Minor (3m: Cambridge S, London S, Peveril D)
23456 C.LL.P*
15 part, bob at * in parts 5,10,15

23456 L.CP.L*
15 part, bob at * in parts 5,10,15
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