[r-t] Peculiar treble place method

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Nov 22 19:21:44 UTC 2012

Looking through the Cambridge Youths records this lunchtime, 
I found a loose sheet of paper with the plain course of a 
method written out.


Figures in the margin indicate a 14 for 12 bob was intended, 
and four lead ends in the margin show the back bells in a 
tittums position:


The Cambridgeshire Archive have catalogued the paper as 
circa 1900, and based on the handwriting, I agree.

The method itself isn't particularly musical (that might be 
an understatement), and has 'U' falseness so three homes 
runs false; but it has an elegant construction nevertheless. 
I hadn't come across anything similar, but looking through 
the method libraries, I see Nightingale T Pl Major, first 
pealed on 29 Apr 1868 at Liversedge, Yorks.


The Cambridge Youths method follows very much in that vein. 
Were such methods popular?  Are there other examples?


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