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> From: Philip Earis <Earisp at rsc.org>
> I am intrigued by the snippet from today's RW highlighting the 
> intransigence of the ayatollahs of 100 years ago.  Does anyone know 
> what "Washbrook's Surprise Principle" is? I've searched for it on 
> methods.org.uk<http://methods.org.uk>, but for some reason it 
> doesn't seem to be listed...
> ----
> 100 Years Ago
> The Ringing World, 8 August, 1913 Selected by the Editor
> Most people who understand anything about method construction have 
> probably anticipated criticism of the method rung at Caversharn and 
> published as ?Washbrook?s Surprise Principle,? particularly in 
> regard to its name. But the opinion passed upon it by the Legitimate
> Methods Committee is as crushing as it is brief.
> To the Editor.
> Sir,?The system produced by Mr. Washbrook and rung at Caversham, is 
> asymmetrical, and therefore illiegitimate; it is not principle and 
> it is not Surprise.
> The Legitimate Methods Committee: H. Law James
> H. Dains
> J. A. Trollope Edwin H. Lewis
> ----
Philip - some simple research shows the following:
Peal    PB-ID   Status  Place   Method
1       490-D55 OK      Caversham, Reading, S Peter Berkshire   Caversham 
RW 0123.0055 - Published as Washbrook's Surprise Principle

and here is the method:

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