[r-t] Touches of 300 Stedman

Richard Pullin grandsirerich at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 30 12:50:51 UTC 2013

>From John Harrison:

*> I would like some touches of 300 Stedman (Triples and upwards) that we
can recommend people to ring for the 300th anniversary of Stedman's death.*
*> Simplicity would be desirable of course.*

The following 300, discovered last year, is fairly simple, with not many
Back Rounds and other roll ups are present, but the main agenda was to have
a full course in the tittums:

s2 11 (14) 2134567
1 s12 (14) 2431756
s3 6 s7 (8) 3214657
5 6 (14) 2314567
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