[r-t] New maximus compositions

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Wed Feb 27 12:48:08 UTC 2013

A couple of sort-of new maximus compositions have been rung recently that deserve highlighting:

1) Bristol Max - David Pipe used a pretty efficient B/V calling to reverse the tenors for a period in an otherwise tenors-together composition. Perhaps this has been done before (?), but I'm not aware of any previous examples. The opening before obviously gives the T-E-0-9 tittums-y coursing music

5088 Bristol Surprise Maximus
D J Pipe
234567890ET  M   9   W  O/V  H
2345678ET90              X
65432        -       -       -
674523890ET      -       X
654327           S   S-
54326        S       S       2
32465        S       S       -
64523        -       -
23456        -       S       S

Alistair Cherry has subsequently used the same concept to put together a simple 2-part:

5136 Bristol Surprise Maximus (No.63c)
M  9ths  W  H  23456
-        -  -  65432
     -   a     674523ET90
         b     67452390ET
     s   s     53462
-           -  24365
2 part, omitting a and b from one part.
a = B, V
b = F, B  

2) Spliced maximus using multiple befores. Jon Potter has recently rung a couple of new spliced atw tenors-together maximus compositions, with a whole course of most methods between (8ths place) calls at before to fit the methods in.  The blocks of five befores naturally give decent coursing orders, as exploited by MBD in his Bristol Major compositions (though Middleton may take some bragging rights here).

5184 Spliced TD Maximus (8m)
J H Potter
(8m: 672 each Ariel S, Bristol S, Rigel S, Zanussi S, 624 each Avon D, Orion S, Phobos S, Strathclyde S, 28com, atw)5184 Spliced TD Maximus (8m)

23456    B    W    H
35264    x            Z.PPPPPPPP
56342    x            PPP.SSSSSSSSS
64523    x            SS.RRRRRRRR
54326   2x    s    s  RRR.SB.ZZZZZZZZZZ-R-
32546         1    1  PZZLBOZ.R.
24365    x            BBBBBBBBB.LLLL
65432   2x            LLLLLLL.SB.AAAAA
53624    x            AAAAAA.OOOOO
45236    x    s    s  OOOOOO.BB-R-
23456         1    1  LPAL.OA.
672 each Ariel, Bristol, Rigel, Zanussi; 624 each Avon, Orion, Phobos, Strathclyde; 28com, atw.
228 little bell roll ups, with 12 56's.

5042 Spliced TD Maximus (9m)
J H Potter
(9m: 624 each Bristol S, Rigel S, Strathclyde S, 530 Zanussi S, 528 each Ariel S, Avon D, Azura D, Orion S, Phobos S, 16com, atw) 5042 Spliced TD Maximus (9m)

 23456    B    W    H
35264    x            AAAAAA.SSSSSSSSS
56342    x            SS.BB
64523    x            BBBBBBBBB.RRRRRRRR
54326   2x    s    s  RRR.SB.AAAAA-R-
32546         1    1  UUUUUUUUUUU.R.
24365    x            Z.LLLL
65432   2x            LLLLLLL.SB.PPPPPPPP
53624    x            PPP.OOOOO
(42536)   x    s       OOOOOO.ZZZZZZZZZZ-(Z)
624 each Bristol, Rigel, Strathclyde; 530 Zanussi; 528 each Ariel (L), Avon, Azura (U), Orion, Phobos; 16com, atw.
Azura can be replaced by Scarlet, Smallbrook or Andromeda.

217 lbru's, with 7 56's, 6 65's and 7 TE098765's. 6543217890ET, TE0987123456


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