[r-t] Forward/reverse cyclic [was Emergency peal composition]

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Thu Jan 3 08:54:14 UTC 2013

A recent discussion with Chris Poole revealed that Ander's idea, of 
alternating between cyclic courses rung forward and backward, has 
pedigree. Chris used a similar plan in some compositions of London and 
Bristol Royal produced in 2001-2003; see for example:


In these arrangements, two closely-spaced conventional calls are used to 
effect the transition between forward and reverse courses (and Chris 
points out there are plenty of runs within the transitions), but in a 
2003 email to me he also mentioned the possibility of using a big bob to 
do the job in one call. I don't think either of us followed this up at 
the time.

Does anyone know of any earlier examples of this plan?

Anyway, I've been pushing this a bit further, to try to come up with 
something more approachable than our 14-bell spliced efforts. This 
composition follows the lines of Chris's original work, but using the 16 
call, and I think looks very ringable:

5000 Jennie's Endeavour Surprise or Triton Delight Royal
Comp. MBD

52436     8 (W)
64523     1 x9 (M,xH)
56423     9 (H)
24365     1 8 (M,W)
65432     1 s8 s9 (M,sW,sH)
674523    7
896745230 x5 x6 7
876543209 x1
674523908 x2
654320987 x1
452390786 x2
432098765 x1
239078564 x2
209876543 x1
234567890 1 3


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