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Perhaps surprisingly the 24 courses with 5-6 in 5&3,3&5,4&6 and 6&4 are
available (like for Superlative). Linking them up is a bit more problamatic
as you can't have the neat 1/1.5 device as this method doesn't have regular
half leads. You can join them with 1278 and 123456 singles though. You can
arrange them into a simple 2-part format with 4 types of call, Or you can
get away with only 2 types of call and a 6-part format (see below).
Obviously there are loads of different arrangements possible.
I'm aware that Tony Cox produced something similar for Actinium(?) and
Richard Knights has also used the same construction in Superlative so I
claim no originality.


5376 Unrung B-group Surprise Major

V  M  W  H (42536)

         S  45263

   6     S  42536

q     6    (42635)

2 Part

Snap start and finish.






24 each 5678, 6578, 8765, 8756 at the back.

5376(5152)Unrung B-group Surprise Major

V  B  F  H  42536

     (q) SS 43526

q        SS 43625

q  q       (34526)

6 Part omitting (q) from parts 3&6. For 5152 omit one SS.

Snap start and finish.



24 each 5678, 6578, 8765, 8756 at the back.

On 24 January 2013 09:52, Robert Lee <rlee5040 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I'm also sad to hear of Roger's passing. He really was a unique character
> and I have some great memories of ringing and drinking with him, as well as
> sharing thoughts on methods and compositions.
> Now for a plea: I am attempting a handbell peal in his memory on Sunday
> which will hopefully be one of his unrung major methods. The notation is as
> follows: x5x4x25x36x4x5x4x1, b. The problem is it appears to have pretty
> nasty OTc falseness and although David Maynard assures me Roger had
> produced a composition he hasn't been able to locate it.
> I can't find anything on the web that fits these falseness groups and I'd
> therefore be very grateful if someone could have a look into this? I am not
> going to have chance to look myself before the weekend and it is somewhat
> outside my 'comfort zone' in any case.
> Any productions very much
>  appreciated.
> Rob
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