[r-t] Bobs only 5,039 Grandsire Triples

Glenn Taylor gaataylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jul 31 14:44:26 UTC 2013

>I thought this 5039 had been rung before - am I mistaken?

Many moons ago  (i.e. 30+ years) I recall coming across one or two
similar-ish peal reports in Yorkshire Association annual reports from either
the late 19th or early 20th centuries. I don't recall that they were 5039
changes in length but were certainly an odd number less than 5040. The entry
in the annual report carried a footnote along the lines of  "Composition of
historical importance blah, blah...merit in ringing it blah, blah...the YACR
would always support blah, blah...". Perhaps the YACR peal secretary could
do a quick search through the association peal index and let us have the


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