[r-t] Double S Minor, was Naremburn Treble Bob

Simon Humphrey sh53246 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 09:58:04 UTC 2013

PE:  I'm interested! Please share.

Are attachments allowed on this list? Composition for 16 Double S Minor
attached, if so.
It comprises the following.

720 Ash, Audley, W&P. 
720 Hartnell and Pertwee.
These are trivial 3-parts involving 3-lead splices and a course splice.

1440 Stoke, Stafford, Cheadle, Alice Holt Forest, Longton.
A 1-part non-round-block.  Non-trivial, compositionally speaking.

720 Cheddleton, Hanley, Horton, Milton.
A 1-part non-round-block extent, the only satisfactory way I could find of
joining together these 4 course splicers.
I don't believe they can be joined, by themselves, in a round block extent.

1440 Troughton and Biddulph.
A 3-part extent of each method, mixed up together to allow it to be called

I wrote up an account at the time, for my own interest really, describing
how I arrived at this arrangement and its predecessor, which was 12-spliced
Double Surprise all-the-work.
A bit chatty for a serious list like this one, but I've attached it as well

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