[r-t] Kent and Oxford variations

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Apr 6 14:56:22 UTC 2014

OK, thanks for the feedback chaps.

Michael - I have got the figures for Morris's Liversedge peal, however 
the G&B records indicate he composed one of the same length in the 
Worcester variation (which is Ilkeston with additional Oxfords in leads 
1 and 5 to replace bobs). Does anyone know of this composition? Perhaps 
it is a mistake in the records and the band (in 1967) actually rang the 
Liversedge arrangement. However, this was Cyril Wratten's handbell band, 
and I'm doubtful he'd have got that wrong.

I am also missing a composition for a 5056 in the Ilkeston variation by 
T W Goodyer. Again, anyone know of it?

Roddy - I can't find either peal in your collection, although this has 
usefully doubled the number of Kent+Oxford compositions I know about! 
The last composition (is that Eddie Martin? in 1933?!) is missing some 
annotations though I think. Presumably the Ilkeston variation?


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