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On 06/04/2014 15:56, Mark Davies wrote:
> OK, thanks for the feedback chaps.
> Michael - I have got the figures for Morris's Liversedge peal, however 
> the G&B records indicate he composed one of the same length in the 
> Worcester variation (which is Ilkeston with additional Oxfords in 
> leads 1 and 5 to replace bobs). Does anyone know of this composition? 
> Perhaps it is a mistake in the records and the band (in 1967) actually 
> rang the Liversedge arrangement. However, this was Cyril Wratten's 
> handbell band, and I'm doubtful he'd have got that wrong.

Just to confirm, the original peal was rung (not surprisingly) at 
Liversedge on 4/2/1928 and was published in the YACR report for that 
year as 5280 Liversedge Spliced Treble Bob Major, with the composition 
as Michael gave it.
Although the peal stands in the Association records, it is interesting 
to note that the report states:
Our congratulations are due to the members who rang the peal of 
Liversedge Spliced Treble Bob Major at Liversedge on 4 Feb, the first in 
the method ever rung but the committee whilst realising the good 
intentions of the ringers and skill needed in such a performance , wish 
it to be known that, as the method does not comply with the rulings of 
the Central Council in that the Bob Major lead ends are not produced, 
nor is it possible to get a plain course in the method, it does not 
desire a repeat of this performance, and it requests all members to 
respect the rulings and decisions of the Central Council when 
contemplating the ringing of a peal in any method.

Pushing the boundaries has always been resisted I guess.

Further peals of Kent & Oxford TB Major with 2 different compositions by 
E Morris were rung at Creswell on 28/08/1945 and Conisbrough on 
30/10/1951. I can provide these if they are of interest.

YACR Peal Secretary

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