[r-t] Quarters of cyclic major

Roddy Horton roddy at horton.karoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 4 19:50:22 UTC 2014

No need for a link method if you have enough time

BFL/BG/GB/ = 17823456

7 part.

40 forward roll ups at the back,
30 backward roll ups at the back
14 forward roll ups at the front,
8 backward roll ups at the front.

Standard methods so no learning.


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My peal composition of 5012 11 Spliced Major
(http://www.ajcpeals.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/spl8.html#cyclic11) can simply be
reduced to a 1408 by omitting the two blocks of 3 in each part. The quarter
has 8 of each 4 bell run at the back and 5 of each type off the front.
Substituting Dairy Lee Triangles S for Jubilee in the quarter gives 7 of
each type of run off the front although this substitution can't be used in
the peal.

1408 4 Spliced Major
A J Cox
2345678 Avon Link Little Alliance
3826745 Jubilee S (or Dairy Lee Triangles S)
2378564 Majestic S
6485372 Deuteron S
7253486 Deuteron S
8634257 Majestic S
5742638 Jubilee S (or Dairy Lee Triangles S)
Repeat 6 times
8 of each type of 4-bell run (e.g. 5678s, 8765s, ..., 2345, 5432) off front
5 (or 7) of each type of 4 bell run

Tony Cox

I organise a regular quarter peal slot at my local eight, and while cycling
home from yesterday's I was thinking whether what interesting things we
could try next year. And it occurred to me that an eight-bell version of
Pipe's cyclic six would be around a quarter peal length, though with only
four methods: each part called LABCCBA.  Has anyone produced such a


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