[r-t] Minor Blocks

Tim Barnes tjbarnes23 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 13:24:01 UTC 2014

I think I was able to answer my own question on the number of Group A
methods that are divisible when rung with a 1n lead end.  I found 31
even stage methods like this, out of a total of 1372 in the CC
collection.  They include Plain Bob from Minimus to Sixteen (i.e. Original)
and 24 others.  They're listed below if anyone is interested.  A rushed
analysis so I might easily have missed something, but it was positive that
Morning Star and PB on all numbers came up, and it was consistent
with MF's prediction of very few TB Minor methods, and no TB Major and
above ones.

On the basis that most rules involve weighing the pros and cons,
 I'm on the side that the benefits of methods (the place notations
that produce a lead) being non-divisible (no ambiguity over what a lead
is; any given plain course will only have one name / classification)
the disadvantages (e.g. occasional instances of bells with familiar hunting
paths being classified as working bells; imposing a restriction on being
able to name (e.g.) two plain leads of Cambridge as a separate method).

But I'd be interested to know how the r-t list would vote on this question,
since different points of view have been argued here.  Perhaps this is
worth another anonymous poll, given the high response rate on the first
one.  Though whether non-divisible leads can generate the same level
of interest as false plain courses would remain to be seen..


Group A methods that have a divisible lead when rung with
a 1n lead end:

Arthingworth Treble Bob Minor
Brentford Bob Minor
Cawston Little Bob Major
Cawston Little Bob Maximus
Dodd Alliance Minor
East Layton Little Place Minimus
Easton Royal Bob Major
Ferris Alliance Minor
Heslington Alliance Minor
HMS Coventry Bob Major
Little Fransham Little Bob Minor
Maidwell Bob Minor
Morning Star Treble Bob Minor
Nightingale Treble Place Major
Nightingale Treble Place Maximus
Nightingale Treble Place Minor
Nightingale Treble Place Royal
Northfield Alliance Major
Oade Bob Major
Plain Bob Fourteen
Plain Bob Major
Plain Bob Maximus
Plain Bob Minimus
Plain Bob Minor
Plain Bob Royal
Plain Bob Sixteen
River Wey Little Alliance Minor
Rodney's Victory Treble Bob Minor
St Martha Little Alliance Minor
Tillingbourne Alliance Minor
Yaxley Alliance Minor

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