[r-t] Minor Blocks: Poll results

Changeringing graham at changeringing.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 15:55:29 UTC 2014

It may be possible to have definitions that achieve uniqueness of methods *and* classification that makes 6ths place Morning Star a Treble-Bob method and retain Magenta as a Little Place Maximus method etc. The downside will be increased complexity of the definition and a risk of unintended consequences. Some care will therefore be required to draft precise definitions, but the principle is described as Option E below.

Option E. Methods are defined by the shortest non-repeating sequence of changes. Differentials where Hunter classes (other than Hybrid) can apply if the Plain Course is considered in its entirety shall be classified as Hunters and entitled accordingly. If more than one classification could be applied, the order of precedence applied to 
methods with multiple hunts shall be used.


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