[r-t] Minor Blocks: Poll results

Tim Barnes tjbarnes23 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 00:37:53 UTC 2014

> AJG:
> ... sod all to do with the poll that Tim is currently organising.

So let's bring the divisible lead debate to a conclusion with a vote, even
if the conclusion is that there is no consensus.  And then let's have a
2-week holiday from rules.

We've muddied the waters a little by starting to talk about rotations - we
can come back to this as a separate topic.  Mark's Option F still applies
when just considering groups of methods that are fractions or multiples of
each other.  I don't think the Option G I floated earlier needs to be
included in the poll - it's really just Option A with a group identifier
that can be computer generated.  So let's stick with options A to F in the
new poll.

As mentioned previously, it's a little hard to gauge how much appetite
there is among this list to continue these debates and votes, so we'll take
the number of votes cast as an indication of whether we should keep going.


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