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Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Fri Jun 6 10:31:55 UTC 2014

Unfortunately, Paul Bibilo seems to be guilty of the worst crime of all 
- arguing from the individual (him) to the entire world. Looking at the 
meeting minutes, we quite clearly read "It was agreed that, 
notwithstanding the wording reported in the RW, the intent of Michael 
Wilby's request was that the committee to "consider changes to the 
Decisions so that performances of Grandsire Variable Treble Triples 
would conform with the Decisions". MW is noted in the minutes of the 
2010 CC mtg. as "[asking]  the Committee to consider changes to the 
Decisions to allow the 5040 of Grandsire Variable Treble Triples rung 
for the St Martin's Guild on 24 November 2009 to be accepted as a peal. 
Peter (Niblett) agreed that the Committee would consider this."

All the controversial decision changes of recent years - variable cover 
for one - have come at the request of the band which rang it first. Paul 
may not keep records -  many ringers don't - but some of them who do 
seem to crave acceptance. The Methods committee only undertakes this 
type of work when requested.

It is worth quoting what the committee said in '97 concerning variable 

"Although the motion only asked the Committee to "advise" Council, we 
are proposing a motion on behalf of the Council, to change the Decision 
on Peal Ringing. This is for two reasons. The first is procedural; the 
meeting needs a motion to debate. The second is so that, if the meeting 
does decide that it wants to recognise variable cover peals, it does not 
have to wait another year before putting the decision into effect. 
However, we must emphasise two points:


    there is, as yet, no agreement in principle that "variable cover" is
    a desirable development which is worth recognising;


    the fact that the Methods Committee is proposing the motion does not
    mean that they support the principle, let alone the detail, of the

We were told at the '97 meeting that VC was the best thing since sliced 
bread, but does 20 peals in 9 years (of variable cover - half in 2009) 
count as the best thing?

In conclusion, when Paul says "No it bloody well wasn't, we couldn't 
give a bugger whether it was counted as a peal or not", the answer is 
yes it was and speak for yourself.

Best wishes

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