[r-t] History

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Jun 8 17:15:08 UTC 2014

OK it would seem I am in an unexpectedly tiny minority thinking it's a 
beautiful and essential thing that peals of Triples are 5040 changes. I 
am a bit surprised no-one else is speaking up for this, and I can't 
imagine many peal bands are going to ring less than 5040 changes, but if 
it helps us move forward, then with good grace I shall withdraw from the 

By far the most important thing is to properly define what a method is, 
and how to classify it. I think any block of place notation can be 
considered to be a method, and a system much like the Norwich Axioms 
could be used to classify methods into sensible categories. Included in 
the definition of "sensible" should be the fact that a Surprise method 
should still be a Surprise method no matter how many leads in its course 
or whether "A" is one of its FCHs. It quacks, it is.


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