[r-t] Decisions

David Sullivan david_vince_sullivan at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 08:50:48 UTC 2014

Robin writes:
>The lastest change was prosyletised by a very small minority of ringers. 
>At current count, fewer than 36 have rung in the s/c 'quark' peal.

The quark stuff is still very new. And I suspect a North Korean percentage of ringers are incapable of ringing it.
I probably am, and I will never know how wonderful it is.

>Lastly, in your professional lives, how many of you would (a) bother or 
>(b) be thanked by your manager for bothering with coping for a 
>particular case which only occurs once in every 2000 events?

Crikey. I spend my life doing exactly this. I have here a user's database with 5 million financial transactions.
If one in 2000 of them were incorrect I suspect various people would be unhappy.


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