[r-t] Decisions, decisions..

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sun Jun 15 10:06:06 UTC 2014

Tim wrote [about Magenta Little Place Maximus],

> Yes, it would become a 5, 7 differential principle
> with a 35 lead course.  Under the current rules
> it could also be classified this way, as well as the
> way it's currently classified (a plain little hunter
> with 5 hunt bells).  I think it's beneficial to have
> a classification system that doesn't enable the
> same method to be classified in more than one
> way, and 1.B.1 is a component to achieve this.

This method does indeed seem to have been mis-classified as a hunter when it
is really a differential. The Norwich Axioms covered this explicitly in a
very simple way. 

"A lead is defined as the shortest part of a method which, when repeated,
will generate the entire plain course."

To be a bit more specific and explicitly include one lead courses, it could
be revised to: 

"A lead is defined as the shortest sequence of changes which, when repeated
zero or more times, will generate a method's plain course. "


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