[r-t] Shipway Minor

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Tue Jun 17 23:59:49 UTC 2014

I realized after I wrote "in case anyone cares" that it might sound 
dismissive of the extents by Anthony Smith and Jonathan Deane.  That was 
not my intention at all - they are extremely interesting achievements. 
What I meant was that I may be the only person interested in the precise 
wording used in the 1993 RW article.
:-) Ander

On Mon, 16 Jun 2014, Alexander Holroyd wrote:

> In case anyone cares, the first extent of Shipway Minor seems to be by 
> Anthony Smith, RW 1986/68.  This uses bobs plus 56-places in the eight.
> The first one to be rung was by Jonathan Deane, RW 1993/683.  This has calls 
> 16 and 3456 at the eight end, and Johathan Deane commented "it appears that 
> calls that disrupt the front work have to be used".  (He also describes it as 
> "perhaps the most difficult six-bell method around", which seems like a bit 
> of a stretch to me.)

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