[r-t] 720s

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Mar 6 10:56:30 UTC 2014

Robin Woolley wrote:

> As is widely known, it is possible to obtain an extent of plain minor using 
> just 12 calls. One such is 3*1236 + a common single, all at home, twice 
> repeated.
> Does any one know when and by whom this was first published?

First published in Tintinnalogia under the name 'Trebles and 
Doubles on six Bells'.  The obvious extension to seven bells 
was called Restoration Triples (and is not in Tintinnalogia; 
from memory it's in Campanalogia, though that'll have to 
wait until I'm next at home, which won't be until Sunday). 
The name Restoration Triples suggests an origin of around 
1660, and the six bell version will be earlier.

I'm sure it antecedes the now-standard calling (WHWx3) which 
was commposed by Roan probably in the 1650s.  We've no idea 
who might have composed it.  Indeed, know the name of no 
composer before Roan.  But if I had to guess a date, I 
hazzard the 1640s.  But that really is a guess.


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