[r-t] Calls that don't change the course

Alan Reading alan.reading at googlemail.com
Tue May 27 12:00:31 UTC 2014

One small positive to come out of the new CC decisions seems to be that the
requirement for a call to move "from one course to another" has been
removed. I assume that means that this composition could now be described
as a peal of Bristol S Royal including 2nds place bobs (or Horsleydown with
10ths for that matter)?
http://www.bb.ringingworld.co.uk/comp.php?id=470441 (reproduced below)

That was how I actually called the composition so it makes sense to me to
be able to describe it like that.

5040 Spliced Surprise Royal (2 Methods)
 A G Reading
 23456 M    W    H
 43652 -           HHHH,B
 64352           - BHBBBBBB,
(56342)     -      BHHHBB,
 46325 s    s      HBBBB.B.HHHH
 24365      -      HHHHH,HHHBB
 34562 -           HHHH,B
 53462           - BBBBBHH,
 65432      -      BBBBBHBB,HHHBB

 2 Part

 2560 Bristol, 2480 Horsleydown, 35 com, atw.

 9 56’s and 4 65’s
 633 4 bell runs being:
 162 7890, 161 little bell runs at the back.
 162 0987, 148 little bell runs off the front.

In general there is quite a lot one can do with devices like this. It can
allow certain leads of courses to be included or omitted (sometimes at will
depending on the lead head group) which could be useful for music, avoiding
falseness or obtaining a desired a length.

A very simple use is to shorten a 5280 of B-group TD Maximus to 5040 via a
12ths place lead end - I believe this used to be quite common but
presumably people stopped doing it because it had to be called spliced?
I am hoping that things like this will increase in popularity now they can
be described as single method peals (again).

Here is a peal of Cambridge S Maximus which I think would be worth ringing
(as Cambridge goes!) and can now be rung as 5040 without having to be
described as spliced Cambridge and Primrose:

5280 (5040) Cambridge Surprise Maximus

M   W   H 23456

-       S 46325

    -     24365

-       - 53462

*    -     65432*

-       S 42563

    -     64523

-       - 35426

    -   3 23456


For 5040 call q=1T in at any of the first 4 lead ends after course ends
42356 or 34256.


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