[r-t] 5040 Surprise Minor by Roger Bailey

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Wed May 14 08:48:07 UTC 2014

Matthew Frye wrote:

> (I presume it *is* possible under favourable circumstances 
> to get extents of some of these methods with unusual +/- 
> patterns? I have a feeling this has been discussed here 
> before, but would welcome a reminder of an example.)

Here's an example that uses Hudson's group to get a variable 
treble 720.

   6 bells;
   m = &-3.34.45-25-23.34.4-5;
   p = m, +12, "  @";
   s = m, +34, "s @";
   prove 5(s,4p,s)

More of a description here:



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