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Simon Gay Simon.Gay at glasgow.ac.uk
Wed May 14 10:51:59 UTC 2014

Consider the rows of the form 56xxx1 and 65xxx1.

There are 12 such rows, and they occur 4 per lead, with lead heads of 
the form 15xxx6 or 16xxx5.

In a multi-extent block in which each row occurs n times, we therefore 
have 3n leads which between them contain all the occurrences of 56xxx1 
and 65xxx1.

Within one such lead, all occurrences of 56xxx1 or 65xxx1 have the same 
parity. Therefore half of these leads need to have positive lead heads, 
and the other half need to have negative lead heads.

This means that 3n is an even number, which in turn requires n to be an 
even number.


On 14/05/2014 09:50, Richard Smith wrote:
> Robin Woolley wrote:
>> The 1440 printed at p109 of the Diary gives a true 2880 to Gangnam as
>> might be expected intuitively - so the footnote to the comp. is (not
>> yet) false. As Graham John seems to be saying, one needs an even
>> number of extents 'packaged' to obtain a true comp. - an odd number
>> won't do.
> I would be extremely interested to see a proof that there is no true
> multi-extent composition of Gangnan with an odd number of extents.  Are
> you sure it's true?
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