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John Camp camp at bellringers.org
Sat May 17 12:06:10 UTC 2014

At 12:29 on 17 May 2014, Robin Woolley wrote:

> If John Camp is correct, what does the column headed 'Downloadable 
> version' containing 'Gzip'd Text 11 KB' mean?

> Clicking on this doesn't open it!

> John says "Why do you need to unzip them?" Because I want to be able to
> download a whole month's messages and store them elsewhere for future 
> reference.

> You may not think I should want to do this, but then that's my choice. I
> had no difficulty doing this several years ago, but I haven't been able
> to do it recently.

> Why are the archives g-zipped?

They always have been.  It is inherent in the software (which I use 
for some 10 lists).

However, I have no problem in downloading and opening the files with
any of a variety of unzippers (I use 7-zip as my standard).  I don't
really see that there is much of a problem.

(On those lists where the archives are private, you have to enter your 
password to access them.  This unencodes the downloadable file.  That 
would be a solution, but not a desirable one.)


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