[r-t] archives & zipping

John Camp camp at bellringers.org
Tue May 20 08:36:14 UTC 2014

At 09:24 on 20 May 2014, Robin Woolley wrote:

> Up until about the end of 2007, I was able to click on the 'downloadable
> version' link of the 'ringing-theory Archives' and the text would open
> in my browser. There was no farting about 'downloading' and 'unzipping'
> of any sort, it was just there, as text, on the browser window. (I may
> have been using Netscape at the time). Having downloaded and saved the
> month's archive, I could delete the appropriate e-mails.

I am not aware of any change, though sometimes the software is updated 
by the mysterious "developers" without telling anyone.  However, the 
oldest file in the r-t archive (August 2004) is in exactly the same 
format as the current one.


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