[r-t] A Ringing Puzzle

Ted Steele teds.bells at tesco.net
Fri May 23 20:39:20 UTC 2014

On 23/05/2014 20:49, Don Morrison wrote:
> On Fri, May 23, 2014 at 3:02 PM, Ted Steele <teds.bells at tesco.net> wrote:
>> I believe council is being asked to remove the requirement of truth
>> in the plain course from the definition of method
> That is excellent news, of which I was not aware. How is this request
> being made, and by whom?

No, I was wrong; sorry to disappoint you. I had something fairly radical 
in mind, I think it must have been motion E which is to do with hunt 
bells, not truth. That or I muddled up someone's proposal with the 
actual situation. My error, I am sorry to mislead.

>> so too with false methods, they are a sub group of all methods, but
>> still methods.
> >
> I think it is seriously unhelpful to mislabel them "false methods",

I did not mean the term to be taken in a strictly defined sense; 
"methods that produce repeated rows within the plain course" is more 
exact, but I think the meaning is probably clear. And I used the term, 
somewhat tongue in cheek, of "false course" surprise, that is a 
reference to a false course not a false method if we have to be so precise.

Things can be made too complicated, so much so that they can never be 
resolved to everyone's satisfaction. A degree of compromise and 
tolerance within terminology usually has to be allowed, otherwise we 
continue in circles.


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