[r-t] What people think they have rung

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Mon Oct 20 18:17:08 UTC 2014

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 2:06 PM, Chris02 <chris02 at shropshirelad.plus.com> wrote:
> It seems to me that relying entirely on what people think they are
> ringing is a slippery slope ... A few years I tried out each of
> these three techniques and found I could ring the method using any
> of them, but my thinking was different in each case.

I think there is a meaningful distinction between _what_ a ringer
thinks she's rung, and _how_ she thinks she's rung it. Keeping that
distinction in mind may help keep one a bit more firmly moored to a
spot on the slope. When ringing a new method, particularly in hand,
how I ring it changes over the course fo two and half hours, but my
sense of what I've rung does not change.

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