[r-t] What is a method?

James White jw_home at ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 21 07:29:21 UTC 2014

>> My bigger point is this:  it seems the essential rules of ringing can be captured as simply as: (1) a method is any sequence of changes; (2) a call
is any modification to a method's changes; (3) compositions are made up of methods and calls; and (4) compositions must start and end in rounds and be true.

Sounds ideal to me.

I would then add that, where a "method" is repeated a number of times to get back to the start, you have a "Plain Course" comprising a number of "leads".  If the block of changes itself already gets back to the start then you have a one lead course.

Every unique string of place notation can be named as a different method. Yes, you might have a multiple of another "method" or it might be subdivideable but that's fine.

Of course, we could choose not to use (or create) a name for situations such as a peal of Superlative starting (and ending) at the snap.

Even if someone chooses to name such a method it will be possible to tell that it's just a tweak if something else in the same way that one composition is just a rotation of another.


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