[r-t] Time to vote?

Alex Hunt alex.hunt at btinternet.com
Thu Oct 23 21:42:50 UTC 2014

>> Graham:
>> Would there be any guidance on how spliced is recorded?
>> Presumably someone could ring 5056 Cambridge Surprise Major by C
>> Middleton as 5056 Spliced Surprise Major (4m) comprising 1344 Cambridge;
>> 1344 Cambridge-at-the-snap; 1344 Cambridge-at-the-halflead; 1024
>> Cambridge-at-the-quarterlead; with x com and atw. So three (or potentially
>> up to 31) new methods would be named when all that has been rung is a peal
>> of Cambridge.

>On Fri, 24 Oct 2014, Tim Barnes wrote:

>I know someone who was considering something similar with spliced (every whole-pull or every two-whole-pulls?) such that they rang some very large number methods but the line actually ended >up identical to cambridge.

>Who cares if someone can name things in a silly way?  Someone might do it once just for kicks but it isn't likely to catch on.

This kind of thing will be a useful test of who the really clever idiots are!


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