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	Should always be able to convert an extent of PB on the previous
even stage to one of the next even stage: 

	12 courses of PB Minor WHW x6. 

	apply to a 5 course block such as WM x5, where the 6th goes through 5
positions. This makes 60 courses of Major, with the 7th fixed. 

	apply 3 bobs V, so the 7th moves through 3 positions. This makes 180

	Use 2 singles at the appropriate point for the extent, or use a 6
position shunt instead of the 3 bobs V. 


	Now for extent of Royal: 

	Start with 360 courses as above. 

	Apply a 7 course block, where the 8th moves through 7 positions. 
(of the W&M type, with 3 calls affecting 8 as well). 

	Apply a 4 course block, where the 9th goes through 4 positions 

	Apply 2 singles, or use an 8 couse block above. 


	?Ernest Morris composed an extent of PB maximus which was of this
type, which appears in one of the CC's earlier collections of peals
(as I recollect: 

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I was wondering if such a thing has ever been devised as a composition

of an extent which can be extended to arbitrarily many bells. Either
a particular method or of methods with certain lead end groups and

I guess it's not a thing which would ever have much practical purpose
more than, say, 10 or 11 bells but I wondered if anyone had ever come
with such a thing.


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