[r-t] Rules

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Sep 12 19:32:50 UTC 2014

Tim Barnes writes,

> My view is that #3 can also be eliminated - I don't see anything wrong
> with methods that only have one lead in their plain course (e.g. 2nds place
> Bristol Major, n'ths place Plain Bob).  What do others think?

Well, there is an argument for saying that a method ought to have some 
repeating structure, isn't there. One-lead methods could be considered 
to be "blocks" not methods, to use a word now made somewhat ugly. It 
also seems more difficult to classify a one-lead method - are there hunt 
bells and working bells, or not? Starting from a clean state one might 
argue that all bells in such a method are hunt bells, but looking at 
2nd's place Bristol Major, most ringers would only see one such.

These concerns led me to include restriction #3 in my original Toyota 
axioms. I think after our recent discussions I am persuaded it is better 
to ditch it, but still feel it deserves further debate, and a vote.

> Does anyone
> know how this restriction originally came about in the CC Decisions?

Any method with more hunt bells than working bells was banned.


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